Juniors Indoor Sessions

The indoor season runs from September through May (9 months) with breaks for Christmas and Easter. If you are interested in joining, please email membership@mavericksvolleyball.club.


We have two venues:

Newbold College of Higher Education
St Mark’s Road, Binfield
Bracknell RG42 4AN

The Wren School
Ruhemann Street (off Southcote Lane)
Reading RG30 3AE


For training purposes, we have two groups, "A" and "B." New players and younger players are generally in Group A. Older players are normally in Group B.

Group A players are split into two squads, "Bobcats" and "Jaguars." Training for the Bobcats is offered at The Wren and the Jaguars train at Newbold College. Group A players can choose which squad they wish to join (and therefore which location they want to attend). They can even join both squads and train twice a week! However, once a player has selected a squad, we do not expect them to change frequently.

Group B has a single squad, "Panthers" who train exclusively at Newbold College.


Each session is 1.5 hours long.

Note: Jaguars and Panthers train at the same time and location, but on different courts.

Fee structure

The fees are based on £28 per month for one session a week, or £37 per month for 2 sessions a week (this option is for Group A players only). However, payments must be made in advance, either quarterly or annually; we do not accept monthly payments. 

Quarterly payments

3 quarterly payments of £84 (or £111 if training twice a week) must be paid by:

Annual payments

If paying for the full indoor season (September through to May) the fee is £224 (or £296 if training twice a week) and needs to be paid in advance. The annual price includes a 1 month discount.

Family Discount

Irrespective of the payment schedule, an additional family discount of 10% is available for players from the same immediate family.