Our Mission

Mavericks Volleyball aims to promote and provide volleyball playing opportunities to children and young adults of all abilities, enabling players to enjoy the sport of volleyball, to develop as players who are fundamentally and technically sound, and to be able to play within the best competitions being held locally, regionally and / or nationally.

The club is committed to help young players reach their maximum potential by providing quality coaching and learning experiences in a safe, equitable, child friendly environment, where all individuals can play volleyball recreationally and competitively.


Our hope is to bring volleyball to every child and young adult that shows an interest in this fantastic team sport. Volleyball can teach you social skills, teamwork, agility and camaraderie. It is a fast moving sport that involves all six players the whole time during a match, so everyone gets to play!

We are a group of friends who have decided that dedicating our time to coach the next generation of volleyball players would be a great use of our time as volunteers, and by sharing our passion for volleyball we hope to inspire kids and young adults to join us in making volleyball a well recognised and supported sport in the UK.


During the summer months (June to August) we take our training outdoors. We play on grass with the appropriate equipment. The location can vary, but in June 2023 we are training at Palmer Park in Reading, Berkshire UK.

During the indoor season (September to May) we train at The Wren School and Newbold College. We host fixtures at Bracknell Leisure Centre.


Five volleyball enthusiasts spent a few months going over ideas on how to make our volleyball community grow. One Friday evening, over a tacos meal and lots of ideas flying around, Mavericks Volleyball was born! Although we had not settled for the name at that point, the club had been created and we were off…

Our first training session quickly became a reality, we spread the word about a new Volleyball Club and invited Juniors to come to the park to do a ‘meet & greet’ session with the new set of coaches, offering snacks and beverages (we are sure that this was the winning factor). We had 41 Juniors join us, with a mixture of experienced and compelte beginners. All signed up to join the club and the club was born!

After playing outdoors over the summer of 2022 we entered a Juniors team into the Berkshire Volleyball Association’ss Juniors League. We also entered a Mixed Adults team into the BVA League.

The Mixed team had to start in Division 2, but won the Division earning them a promotion to Division 1. At the start of the 2023 Summer season the Mixed team entered Ashcombe Volleyball’s annual out door tournament in the Mixed Orange division and won!